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Standby and canned beverages to serve humanitarian causes

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When was the last time you went to a restaurant, ordered few platters, and managed to leave with no leftovers on the table? Personally, I've never managed to do so. The dilemma does not reside in the ability of a human being to anticipate the quantity of food he / she does need till getting full, especially when the order is made for two and more persons. Indeed, the controversy relies on...

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History of most famous Cocktails: The Martini saga

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Tracing the origins of a cocktail's recipe or its etymology is not an easy task and quite often lead to diverse stories rathen than a coherent and accurate sole version. The "Martini" cocktail is no exception.

The most known, or circulated, story claims that Professor Jerry Thomas invented the cocktail in San Fracisco and stipulated the recipe in his 1880 book...

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Pearl Harbor ... who stood behind this recipe

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Pearl Harbor does not reflect, solely, the infamous attack during World War II or the mouth-watering waves of allegations compiled by consipracy theorists. It is a refreshing cocktail that invaded bars across the globe.

Beirut, Saturday 09 March 2013 

On December 7, 1941, the Imperial Japanese Navy

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In the West, they call it "The License"

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The recent years witnessed an evolution in terms of "don't drink and drive" awareness in Lebanon. The biggest credit goes to KunHadi, a non-profit Lebanese organization, which mission is to introduce a new driving culture among the youth generation. Nevertheless, the ratio of car accidents per year is still high in the country and the generated tally worrisome.

Beirut, Friday 08 March 2013

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