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Banned on Adults

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She gave me that pierce look straight in the eyes. Her mouth approached my nose than slipped down to meet my upper lip. For the first time, she tasted colder than an ice cream in mid February. I raised my eyebrows but lost courage to meet her eyes. Her mouth and tongue abandoned mine and veered straight to my right ear. She whispered gentler than a summer breeze, "I Love you and tonight you are all mine". T...

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He is bailing her out off his bed so that she pays back in heaven

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If you are not man enough to keep one woman happy at home, what makes you think you will be able to manage two?

Beirut, Friday 09 March 2013

A friend of mine informed me a couple of weeks ago that he is seriously thinking about getting a divorce. He is married since more than five years now from a "not-at-all de...

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What is so super about those glittering nightclubs

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During a TV talkshow's episode - Kalam Al-Nas, which was broadcasted live from Gemmayzeh Street some three years ago, the current re-elected Minister of Tourism, Mr. Fadi Abboud, had confirmed it, "We want super nightclubs in Lebanon".

Beirut, Saturday 09 March 2013 

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