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10 Must-See music festivals before you die

Posted on March 9, 2013 at 4:40 PM

If you have already started losing appetite for music festivals, then better not to wait until your retirement days. Below  are ten music festivals that every person is recommended to experience in life ... Enjoy!

Beirut, Friday 09 March 2013

1. Berlin Festival:

Date: 6 & 7 September of every year

Location: Flughafen Tempelhof Platz der Luftbrucke, 12101 Berlin (Area 1)

Club THF, Hangar 2, Flughafen Tempelhof Platz der Luftbrucke, 12101

Berlin (Area 2)

Club Xberg, Arena Berlin, Kulturarena Veranstaltungs GmbH Eichenstrabe

4, 12435 Berlin (Area 3)

Tickets: 81.4 to 141.9 Euros


2. Burning Man Festival:

Date: 26 August to 2 September of every year

Location: Black Rock Desert, Nevada

Tickets: Just bring yourself in - you can volunteer by the way


3. Dominator:

Date: 21st July of every year

Location: E3 Strand in Eersel, Netherlands

Tickets: starting with 85 Euros (Tikcets are sold out pretty quickly, so try to book

your pass at the early beginning of the year)


4. Glastonbury Festival:

Date: 26 to 30 June of every year

Location: Worthy Farm, Pilton, England (with 21 different themed areas)

Tickets: 216 Pounds (a 50 pounds online deposit is required to book your pass)


5. Half Moon Festival:

Date: It's all about the moon

Dates for 2013 Dates for 2014

04.01, 18.01, 02.02, 08.01, 24.01, 07.02,

16.02, 04.03, 19.03, 22.02, 08.03, 24.03,

03.04, 19.04, 03.05, 07.04, 22.04, 07.05,

18.05, 31.05, 15.06, 21.05, 06.06, 20.06,

30.06, 15.07, 31.07, 05.07, 19.07, 04.08,

14.08, 29.08, 13.09, 16.08, 02.09, 16.09,

27.09, 11.10, 27.10, 01.10, 15.10, 31.10,

09.11, 25.11, 09.12 & 24.12 14.11, 29.11, 14.12, 27.12

Location: Koh Phangan Island, Thailand

Tickets: Around 20 US Dollars per person including a welcome drink and a Half

Moon Compilation CD


6. Jam Cruise:

Date: January 07 to 12 of every year

Location: Ft. Lauderdale in Florida to Gran Turk in Turks & Caicos Islands, them

moving to Coco Cay in the Bahamas and back to Florida

Tickets: The booking fees include a range of expenses, from a pre or post night at

a hotel on terra firma, parking expenses, on board lodging and others. For

more info, log on their official website.


7. Mardi Gras Festival:

Date: It is celebrated at the beginning of the Spring season (dates vary from

one year to another)

Location: In Sydney, it happens on Glamstand, Centennial Parklands and at Club

Tropicana, Taylor Square

In New Orleans, it takes place at a variety of locations as follow:

French Quarter, Metairie, Uptown, Westbank, Slidell, Marigny,

Mandeville, Covington, Chalmette, Mid City, and Madisonville

Tickets: In general parades go for free. However, some parties impose entrance

fees. Check the respective websites


To note that Mardi Gras is a festival celebrated in a considerable number of countries around the globe. If you are looking for a pinch of tainted salsa, the Brazilian version may fit you best.

8. Ozzfest:

Date: 11 & 12 May (for the year 2013)

Location: Makuhari Messe, Chiba, Japan

Tickets: 14,000 to 27,000 Yen per day


9. TomorrowLand / MysteryLand Festivals:

Date: 26, 27 & 28 July of every year (TomorrowLand) /

24 August of every year (MysteryLand)

Location: Dreamville in Belgium and the Floriade terrain, Haarlemmermeer in


Tickets: starting from 251 Pounds and go up to 1,050 Pounds (TomorrowLand) /

tickets will be sold online on 27 April at 10:00 o'clock sharp



10. Wacken Open Air Festival:


Date: 01 to 03 August of every year

Location: Wacken, Germany

Tickets: around 215 Pounds (already sold out for 2013)


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